Empower You to create your dream jobs by offering the critical resources that will enable you to be successful in whatever business space you choose.


By going back to business basics.
By sharing the stories of those who have come before us and have been successful at charting their entreprenurial course.
By answering your questions.
By asking and answering the questions:

  • How can Gig Theory help YOU?
  • How can WE help each other?


Because life is too short to wait around for someone else to decide if they have a job available for someone of your talent.
Because life is too short for you not to take your destiny into your own hands to do the work you are uniquely endowed to do.
And because helping you do your best work is what Gig Theory is About.


My name is Ejiro O. and I am an engineer with a passion for entrepreneurship. I have started a few endeavors, some successes and some failures, and the lessons learned from these ventures are used to guide you through the business hatching/planning process. I understand that no one knows it all and that things don’t have to be done the way they have always been. This means I am always looking for more efficient ways to achieve personal and business goals and these findings get passed on to you. Here are some facts about me:

  • I'm an avid reader and note taker
  • I've always wanted to think for a living
  • I was born in Ilorin, raised in Ilorin/Ikorodu
  • Both my parents are entrepreneurs who planted the seed for where I am today in my mission to work with and around other entrepreneurs
  • I am in the business of helping entrepreneurs succeed both at work and in life