Designing Your Product/Service

For a lazy person, I was super motivated on one particular day to grab cash, my car keys, and hit the road. I was going to get cake. I got to the cake shop’s location and couldn’t find it. So I went to the internet on my phone, got their number, and proceeded to call them three times just to get the right location. Why was I so motivated?

Well this place makes amazing cake!

Normally when I’m feeling a dessert, I go online to find recipes with the specific mix of ingredients I’m craving, I go shop for them, and make the dessert myself. But Take the Cake, the shop in question, makes cakes that are without question the best bought cakes I have ever had. Their ingredients shine through like the carrot in the carrot cake and the coconut in the Italian cream and their buttercream frosting tastes like real butter.


Via LisaB on Flickr

This story speaks to something about this cake shop:

Their ability to make the best cake I have had the privilege of tasting outside my kitchen.

To be able to achieve what they have achieved in my mind you need to understand what motivates your customer in the first place – the benefit their getting from you. To go back to the cake example, the cake shop makes it clear to the customer that they:

  • Make their cakes in small batches so that they come out perfect each time
  • Everything is baked from scratch using pure and fresh ingredients
  • They make Houston’s Best Cakes

The first two statements speak to the benefit that the customer can expect to get every time. They can expect a cake that tastes as good as or better than the last time they had it.

Understanding the benefit your customer gets helps you design your product because you are keeping the result of the customer’s interaction with your product in the forefront of your product development process.

So what is it that your business does that would make a lazy person get out of bed, into their car, and into busy traffic to get your product? With every version of your product, with every added feature, with every new component to your service, you need to think of about how this version, feature, or component will benefit the customer. Why? Well the benefit is what will motivate your customer to hand over some cash. And for every business that is the bottom line.

Bottom line for you:

  • Make sure that all your marketing materials communicate the benefit that the customer is getting. Your product/service and its packaging should also communicate the benefit if possible

What you can do next:

  • If you are not currently marketing materials do not communicate the benefits that you offer, now is the time to do so