Go Out There and Do Your Work

I recently decided to volunteer with Paradigm Initiative Nigeria after I saw some information about their TENT program on twitter. A program like that was what started me off in business. When I put in my volunteer form I had no idea that one of the opportunities to contribute to their mission would involve teaching a class. When it came up I was petrified, but I said yes. I had recently read an article where Tina Fey talked about saying yes more was the key to her success and I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try the same tactic.

I was tempted to get really formal by using a slide deck and everything, but I looked at my audience and decided to set objectives instead and go with it. That was the best decision I made. The students were receptive of the information that I provided using the objectives as guidelines, and they asked so many questions that helped me realize that my decision to be flexible with the class plan was the right one.


Myself and the Amazing Students at PIN after class

My initial fear of teaching the class wasn’t that I didn’t think I had anything to offer the students. The fear was based on me wondering if I was ready to get out of the front of a computer and take my material into the world. I read a post on Pam Slim’s blog that spoke to this directly. In her words:

It’s not about you. Here is the truth: if you spend your time worrying about yourself you have missed the point entirely. Your business is about the people you want to help. Their needs. Their fears. Their dreams. None of us will ever be perfect. Some will always be smarter, more productive, more witty, older, younger, more charismatic. Your people don’t care. They want help now.

Reading that post woke me up so hard that I had to bookmark it.

Bottom line for you:

  • Say yes to new opportunities
  • Your customers don’t need you to be perfect they need you to show up and do your job

What to do next:

  • Say yes when someone offers you the opportunity to share your work with the world
  • Share that                      (blog post, recipe, picture of the hairstyle that you just made up, product, insert what you just created into the blank) with the world.

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