The Fork in The Road

A while ago I was in discussions with a potential partner and we were talking about the rules of engagement. While up to this point things had seemed real, this particular discussion brought the idea of what’s possible crashing down. I was sitting there thinking through the fact that the momentum of this thing called Gig Theory could be potentially more than I could handle and could bring the reality of moving back to Nigeria into reality as opposed to a mere possibility. This partner was client number ONE as well as promotional vehicle number ONE and was worried as to whether I had what it took to walk my talk.

I believe that every entrepreneur comes on a moment like this, a come-to-Jesus moment when they realize that they are no longer dabbling but actually implementing the plan that they came up with. This is the moment when they hit the fork in the road that requires commitment on one end and running away on the other. The question becomes: to commit or not to commit?

Commitment means taking the dive, jumping over the proverbial cliff, going over the deep end; I can carry on with the oft used clichés/colorful metaphors but you get the gist.

Commitment means embracing the fear, the uncertainty, the thrill, and the responsibility of driving your own bus.

I mentioned the fork in the road earlier, one side requires you to commit and the other requires you to keep on dabbling. What will you choose?

Bottom line for you:

  • We entrepreneurs face crucial decision points every day that will impact the probability of our business success. One key to making good decisions is not to let fear make it for you.

What you can do next:

  • Understand that fear is a natural part of the human experience and while there is a chance that taking the decision that you want to could result in failure, there is an equal chance that it will be a stunning success. So take a chance.